What is the Lord of Light Dungeon schedule?

Michelle Simpson -

The Lord of Light Dungeon is open 7 days a week. Each day it is open, a different Class themed dungeon is available to play. Here is the weekly Lord of Light Dungeon schedule:

  • Gunner Dungeon (Grants Yellow Shards) - Sunday 12am-11:59pm UTC
  • Assassin Dungeon (Grants Purple Shards) - Monday 12am-11:59pm UTC
  • Warrior Dungeon (Grants Red Shards) - Tuesday 12am-11:59pm UTC
  • Sentinel Dungeon (Grants Green Shards) - Wednesday 12am-11:59pm UTC
  • Magus Dungeon (Grants Blue Shards) - Thursday 12am-11:59pm UTC
  • Cosmic Dungeon (Grants Colourless Materials) - Friday 12am - Saturday 11:59pm UTC

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