What are Eternals?

Michelle Simpson -

The Eternals are powerful 5 star characters only available through the Eternity Soul. They include:

  • Eternity Eddie (5 star Assassin): A debilitating True Damage attacker who can gain Counter Strike upon killing an enemy, give himself Revenge, remove beneficial effects, inflict Passive Disabled, and then crush his enemies by summoning The Beast with his Fury!
  • The Clairvoyant (5 star Magus): All enemy status effect remover that can revive a random ally with her Power skill or revive and heal all allies and give them a Cleanse buff with her Fury.
  • Beelzebub (5 star Warrior): All enemy attacker that can Burn, Blind, and Seal enemies, with a Fury which Vanishes all allies.
  • Wrath (5 star Assassin): All enemy attacker that can remove beneficial effects, inflict Marks, or use his Fury to do all damage types at once and inflict a Flare status effect for every damage over time effect on the enemy.


To learn how to get an Eternity Soul, see our Eternity Soul Fragments article.

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