What kind of in game currency is there, how do I earn it, and what does it do?

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Earn silver for successfully finishing levels. Silver is used to purchase Wargear from the supply cache or to upgrade your Wargear to max out its stats.


Earn gold by earning Stars, gold can be used in lieu of silver for Wargear purchasing or upgrading as well as purchasing special items from the Blood Ore Caches typically sold for silver.  If you’d like to purchase more click on the plus button in the upper right hand corner.

Blood Ore

You can only earn Blood Ore by participating in Fireteam Missions. Connect your game with your Facebook account or search for emails or Player ID’s to find friends to recruit. You unlock Fireteam Missions when you successfully complete a level earning 3 Stars. Blood Ore can be used to purchase Blood Ore Caches from the Carnage store.

Keep in mind: many Fireteam Missions require 3+ players to complete them.


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