Space Marine Chapters

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Each Space Marine chapter has different base stats so try both to see which better suits your play style.


You start out playing as the legendary Ultramarine, one of the strongest and most honoured of all the Space Marine Chapters in the Imperium of Man

Blood Angel

Ferocity rests at the heart of every Blood Angel - they are mighty warriors that will gain life each time they attack their enemy. Earn 75 Stars to unlock the Blood Angel. 

Dark Angel

The Dark Angel’s stubbornness allows them to reflect a small amount of melee damage back to their attackers. You can purchase the Dark Angel Chapter pack for 50 Gold.

Space Wolf

The Space Wolf’s ferocious hand-to-hand combat prowess grants him additional melee damage. You can purchase the Space Wolf Chapter pack for 75 Gold. The Space Wolf comes with an exclusive Support Drone, the powerful Hunter Killer.


The Salamanders extended exposure to severe environments grants knowledge of how best to apply the damaging effect of elements to their enemies. You can purchase the Salamander Chapter pack for 50 Gold.

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