What is my Player Profile?

Andy Smith -

While on the Cosmos your profile is displayed at the top left. Your profile shows your:

  • Rank - Rank determines your maximum Sands of Time, maximum Power (used for special abilities), and Team Cost
  • XP Bar - Experience (XP) is earned through battle as well as through upgrading your characters. This bar shows your progress, and how far you are from obtaining your next Rank!
  • Username - The name you have chosen for yourself when you started the game. Share this name (including the final 4 digits) with friends so they can add you as a Trooper!
  • Profile Image - Profile images are only available for players who connect to the game with Facebook

Tapping on your Profile image, you will open up your Account screen. You account screen contains your user ID, username, and information regarding the accounts you have connected to your save file.

If you have not yet connected an email, or Facebook account to your save file, you can do that here!

If you have connected either email, and/or a Facebook account, you can see the exact address you have connected, as well as a button to log out of your account.


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