What are Runes?

Andy Smith -

Acquired through battle, there are 2 types of Runes to improve your Talismans.

XP Runes

XP Runes apply experience to Talismans to increase their level - and therefore their stats - and have their own associated rarity and affinity.

Higher stars mean more experience and if you use the same colour as your talisman (ie red XP runes for an Iron Talisman) they will give extra experience.

Evolution Runes

Evolution Runes evolve Talismans to their next star level and have their own associated star level and affinity.

Higher star level talismans will require higher star level evolution runes. Also each talisman requires the same colour evolution runes, (ie, an Ivory Talisman will require blue evolution runes) however all talismans require cosmic evolution runes.

How to evolve a Talisman to the next star level:

  • Select the talisman you wish to upgrade
  • Tap on 'Evolve'
  • If you have the necessary evolution rune, tap on the gold cost

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