What are Souls?

Andy Smith -

Souls are consumed in the Book of Souls to unlock more characters.  

You cam find the following Souls in game:

  • Common Soul = Provides 1-3 Star Characters (Warrior, Sentinel and Magus classes only)
  • Rare Soul = Provides 3-5 Star Characters (Warrior, Sentinel and Magus classes only)
  • Legendary Soul = Provides 4-5 Star Characters (all classes)
  • Warrior Soul = Provides 3-5 Star Warrior Characters
  • Magus Soul = Provides 3-5 Star Magus Characters
  • Sentinel Soul = Provides 3-5 Star Sentinel Characters
  • Common Gunner/Assassin Soul = Provides 1-3 Star Gunner or Assassin Characters
  • Rare Gunner/Assassin Soul = Provides 3-5 Star Gunner or Assassin Characters

Keep an eye out for rare event Souls to gain special characters!

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