How do I fight?

Andy Smith -

By default, Eddie attacks first, but you may tap on a different character to select them and tap on any enemy to target.

TIP: Many skills can enhance your team's stats or abilities, so choosing your team's attack order is very important!

Each support character has at least 2 skills - a Basic Attack and a Power Ability - while Eddies also have a Special Ability (also called a Special Move). Set bonuses may also grant additional abilities to any character.

  • Basic Attack - every character's free-to-use skill that is designed to deal damage to the enemy.
  • Power Ability - every character's kill that requires power to use. Does not have to be damage focused but instead can be utility to enhance your team or defensive. Power abilities use the shared team resource so you must carefully decide which character uses a power ability and when.
  • Special Ability - only available if the Fury Meter is full, and each Eddie has a unique Special Ability.
  • Passive - some characters naturally have a passive skill. Passive skills can affect either the entire team or only the character who has it.

TIP: Tap and hold on a skill to see more info on it.

Eddies will also unlock more Basic Attacks and Power Abilities once you progress further in the game.

Some skills have different methods for you to manually increase their power:

  • Timing - tap at the perfect moment to achieve a perfect attack
  • Multiple timing - 3 opportunities to tap at the perfect moment
  • Speed tapping - tap as fast as you can to power up your attack. 

TIP: Set your game to 1x Speed and/or use multiple fingers to tap.

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