What are Trooper Badges used for?

Andy Smith -

Earned through using Troopers in battle, or having your Champion used by others, Trooper Badges allow you to purchase Souls, Skill Shards, Frontier Coins, and Trooper Frontier Keys in the Store.

There are also select Talismans and Character Fragments available for purchase in the Trooper Store.

Talismans Available for Trooper Badges:

  • Steel
  • Destiny
  • Titan
  • Force
  • Trap

Character and Soul Fragments Available for Badges:

  • Trooper Soul Fragments
  • Precious Soul Fragments
  • Holy Smoke Eddie Fragments
  • Wicker Man Eddie Fragments
  • Soldier Eddie Fragments
  • Samurai Eddie Fragments
  • Seventh Son Eddie Fragments
  • Piece of Mind Eddie Fragments
  • Cyborg Eddie Fragments
  • Vampire Hunter Eddie Fragments
  • Child of the Damned Fragments
  • Pharaoh Dog King Fragments
  • Alliance General Fragments
  • The Prisoner Fragments
  • Raven Witch Fragments

For more details on these Talismans and Characters, check the in-game Compendium found in the Book of Souls screen.

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