How do I complete X objective?

Andy Smith -

Use Only Basic Abilities

Basic abilities are skills that don't require Power or Fury. They're always located at the bottom right of your skill choice when in battle.

Land X Perfect Hits

Each time you attack your attack is rated between Late, OK, Good and Perfect. For basic attacks and defensive abilities it's about timing. For power abilities it's about speed.

Use X Power Abilities

Power Abilities are only available if your team has enough power.

TIP: This objective is easier if you bring in characters that have abilities with lower power cost!

Use X Special Moves

Special Moves are any Eddie's special ability. They are only available when the Fury Meter is full.

TIP: Fury is generated when you are hit or when you use power abilities. So using low power-cost abilities without killing the enemy quickly will help you achieve this objective.

Survive With 2 Allies

Your support characters must survive the battle.

Kill X Enemies With Specials

Eddie's special ability must be the killing blow on X enemies.

Complete in X or fewer Turns

A turn is your entire team's turn, ie all 3 of your team attacking is considered 1 turn.

Win in X Seconds

This is in real time and using 2x Speed does not affect this objective.

TIP: Use 2x Speed

Win with X% Health

This applies to every character on your team and is a minimum.

TIP: Bring characters with healing abilities and try to wait until the end of a wave before healing.

Kill Boss with Special

The Boss is always the middle monster in the last wave of the battle. They will also be indicated in the team selection screen.

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