What is Auto-Replay?

Michelle Simpson -

Use Auto-Replay to help move through your daily requirements! This feature lets you easily collect Trooper Badges, and helps you complete Event Challenges that require clearing a quest multiple times.

Enable Auto-Replay and the game will automatically tap you through the End-of-Battle Results screen! This will let you spend Sands of Time to repeatedly clear a level until you run out of Sands of Time or you turn off the feature. All of this occurs without you needing to tap the screen!

Enable “Trooper Auto” and each battle will slot a Trooper’s Champion into a team slot you have left open; if disabled, it will not use your Troopers and will continue to replay battles until another end condition is met.

You can access Auto-Replay on Cosmos or Time Rift Pre-Battle screens, and can turn if off mid-battle and at the end of the End-of-Battle Results screen. This feature will only be available for quests you’ve already cleared at least once.

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