What are Heroic Souls?

Michelle Simpson -

Heroic Souls are a new kind of soul that players can earn from the store and from select events. These souls guarantee a 3-5⭐ character, but there’s a few important factors that make this soul different:

  • Draw from 10 potential characters! This means that if you see a character you want, it’s much more likely to be earned in that soul compared to other Rare or even Legendary souls!
  • Earn 10 character fragments for a featured 5⭐ character every time you open a Heroic Soul. Collect 500 Fragments for the guaranteed 5⭐ character!
  • The Heroic Soul character line up changes every two weeks (both the set of characters and the guaranteed 5⭐ character fragments). The character you will earn is determined by the character schedule, so unredeemed Heroic souls will change what they can give over time! Check the in-game newsfeed to see current and upcoming character rotations.

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