Weekly Challenge Dungeon

Michelle Simpson -

Weekly Dungeons are unlocked by summoning Rare Gold Key Souls. 200 Rare Gold Key Soul Fragments = 1 Rare Gold Key Soul.

You can earn up to 30 Rare Gold Key Soul Fragments a day by clearing the Daily Challenge Dungeons 3 times.

Summon the Rare Gold Key Soul in the Book of Souls to receive a 1⭐ Gold Idol and a Rare Gold Key, which will automatically unlock the Weekly Challenge Dungeon in the Time Rift!

Once unlocked the Weekly Challenge Dungeon will be open for 24 hours total, and can be played through a total of 3 times during that period. Furthermore, only Natural 3-Star characters or below can be used to complete the Weekly Dungeon!

Each playthrough will grant you rewards of Gold, Ironite or other valuable items such as Epic Soul Fragments, as well as a GUARANTEED DROP of 25 Legendary Soul Fragments.

IMPORTANT: Summoning Gold Key Souls while there is already a corresponding Dungeon open will refresh that dungeon’s countdown timer (i.e. Summoning another Rare Gold Key Soul when there are 6 hours remaining in the Weekly Challenge Dungeon will reset the timer to 24 hours).

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