Awakening Basics

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Awakening will give your character incredible new benefits such as stat increases, new effects, new abilities etc. Awakenable characters are identifiable by the purple eye found above the ‘Power Up’ button in the My Team screen. If the character is not yet Awakened, this eye will be greyed out but can be pressed to preview the upgrades they will receive at each new power Tier.

Once an Awakenable 5★ character reaches level 100, the ‘Evolve’ button will convert to an ‘Awaken’ button and you will have the ability to increase their power even further!

Tap the ‘Awaken’ Button in order to see the elements required to Awaken your character!

Awakening requires specific materials that can be earned in the following ways:

  • battling in the Lord of Light XI-XV Frontier Dungeon
  • completing various Lord of Light Achievements
  • collecting rewards from specific events

The Lord of Light XI-XV Frontier Dungeon provides both raw Awakening materials, as well as Awakening Soul Fragments. These Awakening Fragments can be used to purchase Class Specific Awakening material from the Resources tab in the shop or can be converted into an Awakening Soul. The Awakening Soul is a unique soul that provides a random Awakening material when summoned.


There are 6 tiers of Awakening, all of which will provide their own unique benefit. When a character begins the Awakening process, their character icon will change, and their golden stars will begin to turn purple. Each new Tier will be represented by a new purple star taking the place of a regular golden one.

The 6th and final Awakening tier will turn all 5 purple stars red, and will sometimes lead to cosmetic changes to your character! As the 6th Tier will unlock the most powerful version of your character it will require specific ultra rare Awakening materials that will vary based on the theme of the character. An example of the Lord of Light Themed character materials can be seen below.

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