How do I claim my Clan Check-In Jackpot reward?

Michelle Simpson -

Work together to earn even more rewards! A Clan Jackpot will be claimable in addition to your personal daily check-in reward. As more Clan members check-in during the day the Jackpot rewards will grow. You can see the Jackpot progress throughout the day by tapping on the ‘Check-In’ button. The Clan Jackpot will reset each day at the daily rollover (midnight UTC). Clan members will have 23 hours to claim the previous days Jackpot reward.

Please note that Jackpot rewards will expire, so be sure to claim them the day they are earned, otherwise they will disappear forever!

Your Daily Check-Ins will be recorded to your 'Clan Contibutions' tally in the Members screen. The top Contributor at any given time will have their champion displayed on the Clan homescreen. Clan contributions will reset at midnight UTC every Monday.

Please note that your weekly contribution does not effect your Check-In or Jackpot rewards

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