How do I claim my Clan Check-In Jackpot reward?

Michelle Simpson -

Work together to earn even more rewards! A Clan Jackpot will be claimable in addition to your personal daily check-in reward. As more Clan members check-in during the day the Jackpot rewards will grow. You can see the Jackpot progress throughout the day by tapping on the ‘Check-In’ button. During Phase 1, your Clan Jackpot progress will begin to accumulate after the first time you check-in and will be claimable after 24 hours** based on your own personal daily check-in time.

Please note that Jackpot rewards will expire, so be sure to claim them the day they are earned, otherwise they will disappear forever! 

**For Clans phase 2, we are planning to change Jackpot rewards so that they will be claimable by all members at every daily rollover.

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