Mayan Dungeon

Michelle Simpson -

Face off against Shaman Eddie and Necropolis himself!

Gain access to the Mayan Dungeon by purchasing the Mayan Frontier Key from the Frontier Store for 175 Frontier Coins. This will automatically unlock the Mayan Dungeon in the Time Rift!

Once it is unlocked, the Mayan Dungeon will be open for only 2 hours total and can be played through a total of 3 times during that period.

Enter the Mayan Dungeon and choose your opponent! The path you choose will determine your rewards. Go Ed to Ed with Shaman Eddie for a GUARANTEED DROP of either Sustaining, Hex or Eclipse Talismans. Conquer Necropolis for a GUARANTEED DROP of either Grail, Dominance, or Valor Talismans. Both paths also have the chance to reward Evo Runes, Cosmic Evo Materials and random Frontier Key Souls!

The Mayan Dungeon also has 2 associated Achievements that grant Ironite, Mythical Souls and Talismans Legendary Souls. See the Achievement tab in the Challenge menu for full details.

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