How do I Create or Join a Clan?

Michelle Simpson -

Any player who is level 12 and above can Create or Join a Clan. 

Creating a Clan

In order to create a Clan, simply tap the Clans button in the Cosmos and select the ‘Create Clan’ option. Clan creation costs 10 million Gold, and will automatically give you Clan Leader certification.

As a Clan Leader you are able to Promote or Demote Clan Members or kick out inactive ones.

Joining a Clan

Join one of the awesome clans already in existence. Tap the ‘Clans’ button in the Cosmos and select ‘Join Clan’. There are several options for joining a clan. You can select one from our recommended list, or engage in a filtered search to find a Clan that meets your specific requirements. You can also search out Clans by name to find your friends!

You can inspect any Clan you want to join by tapping the Magnifying Glass icon to the right. The inspect screen will show all current Clan Members, and allow you to check out their teams. You’ll also be able to see the current level, Arena Ranking, and Clan Contributions made by members.

To Join an open group simply tap the ‘Join’ button that appears when you are Inspecting a Clan. If you attempt to join an ‘Invite Only’ group, your application will be put into a pending state and will be made available to the Clan Leader and First Officer for review. You can check your approval status in the ‘Pending’ tab. 

Please note that Clans are limited to 30 Members.

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