How do I customize my Clan?

Michelle Simpson -

Clan Leaders can customize their Clan by tapping the Clan Icon at the top left corner of the Clan Hub Screen.

In this screen you can select different banners, themes and regions to represent your group. You can also change the Clan Description as well as the Message of the Day.

The Clan Description should state the values of your Clan and who you represent! The Message of the Day can be used to communicate directions to your Clan.

You are also able to set restrictions based on player rank, or Arena division, and choose if your Clan will be open to all or be Invite Only.

If you select Invite Only, any player who wishes to join your Clan will have their application put in a Pending State. Clan Leaders and First Officers can review, approve, or deny prospective members by checking the ‘Applicants’ tab in the Members menu.

After you have completed any changes to your Clan, please ensure you tap the ‘Save’ button.

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