Eternal Dungeon

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Earn Eternal Champion Eddie and 3 other special edition fully Skill Sharded versions of the Eternals by completing Eternal Dungeon Achievements!

Gain access to the Eternal Dungeon by purchasing the Eternal Frontier Key Soul from the Frontier Store for 175 Frontier Coins, or get it for 1500 Iron Coins from the Arena Store. Once summoned this will automatically unlock the Eternal Dungeon in the Time Rift!

Once it is unlocked, the Eternal Dungeon will be open for 2 hours total and can only be played through a total of 3 times during that period. Troopers beware! This Dungeon is not for the faint of heart and will test your team’s mettle, so bring your best!

Enter the Eternal Dungeon and choose your opponent! The path you choose will determine your rewards.

  1. Go Ed to Ed with Eternal Champion Eddie for a chance at Persecution Talisman.
  2. Conquer Darkstar Clairvoyant for a chance at Gravity Talismans.
  3. Face off against Prince of Hell Beelzebub for a chance at Greed Talismans.
  4. Decimate Prince of Hell Wrath for a chance at Blight Talismans.

All 4 paths have the chance to reward Evo Runes, Cosmic Evo Materials and random Frontier Key Souls!

The Eternal Dungeon has 8 new Achievements associated with it. Complete these Achievements to earn all 4 new Eternal Dungeon characters. These characters are Special Edition versions of Eternity Eddie, The Clairvoyant, Wrath and Beelzebub! Each character comes fully skill sharded and armed with a new potent passive ability replacing their Fury attacks!

You can learn more about these characters by checking the Compendium in the Book of Souls screen, and see full Achievement details in-game!

**IMPORTANT: If you purchase another Eternal Dungeon Frontier Key while the corresponding Dungeon is already open you will refresh that dungeon’s countdown timer.

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