How to participate in Raid Boss!

Michelle Simpson -

When you enter the Raid Boss screen, tap on the Boss you wish to face off against. Take on Odin now, and keep an eye out for additional Raid Boss and Clans content in future releases.


Each Raid Boss battle has 10 dungeon levels of escalating difficulty! Each level offers a new challenge (different classes of Raid Boss, talisman builds etc.), so be prepared!

Damage done to the Raid Boss is cumulative across the Clan, and you can see the current health of any active Raid Boss by tapping on their respective quests in the level select screen.


Raid Bosses cannot be felled in one battle! While you are engaged in combat, you will see the damage you are dealing increase on the right side of the screen near the Raid Bosses health bar. When your team is eventually vanquished, you will be presented with a summary of the total damage you have inflicted and a variety of rewards including Tribute, Clan XP and Raid Points. The more damage you do, the greater the rewards you can obtain.This damage will be added to the Clans total, and carried over for your next face off!

Similar to Gauntlet, as you battle the Raid Boss your characters will be ‘used up’ and then temporarily retired. Characters will not refresh until the Raid Boss reset. These resets occur once a week - every Tuesday at midnight UTC.

When you have defeated a Raid Boss, you will gain access to the next level of battle. Higher Raid Boss Dungeon Levels provide rarer and more desirable rewards like Thor Eddie and Valhalla Maiden Fragments. Additionally, once they are defeated, Raid Bosses will return to full health and still remain available for battle. This will allow lower level players in your Clan to still make a significant impact by continuing to battle earlier Raid Bosses to earn Raid Points.

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